Multimedia and English

Terms of Multimedia and English Language Teaching
1. What is CALL? Computer Assisted Language Learning
2. What is NBLT? Network-based Language Teaching
3. What is CMC? Computer-Mediated Communication
4. What is CLT? Communicative language Teaching
5. What is CBI? Content-based Instruction
6. What is ATBI? Authentic-text beased instrution
7. What is TBLT? Task-based Language Teaching

CMC example:
Discussion Forum, Dave's ESL Cafe -

Virtual Chat, Active World -

Authentic-text based instruction example:
Authentic readings, Mighty Books -

Asynchronous CMC examples:
E-mail, Bulletin Board Systme, chat board

Synchronous CMC example:
Web caht, MOO(multiuser object-oriented domain), WOO(Web-enhanced MOO), Virtual Chat, Messenger, Video conferencing

Content-area tasks example:
It's fun to Read Music -

The village of Huwazzit

This page is also for anyone who is interested in anything about in the English Language. If you have a compulsive mind about your English grammar, listening, speaking or simply would like to improve your English in any form,this has many excellent links to meet your requirements.

Listening and Speaking

This i believe

*Real American English

*yappr -very Funny!

*CNN Student News

*Voice of America News (by Prof. Wooseob Jeong)


*Writing Source
You can see student writing models here;

American Dramas
*Desperate Housewives

*ESL Fun Games
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