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How was your day?

Did you have a nice day? Please tell us about it.
Oh no, you had a rough day? what happened? Are you okay now?
Is something specially happened so you keep thinking about the incident(accident).
It was just an ordinary day but thankful that any bad things were not happened.
Stressful or tired because.....

Why don't you write down and just enjoy~!


  1. It is Sunday afternoon. I am so thankful that I can have my time alone at home. However, I need to pray for myself to be positive being a normal member at my church not an outsider.

  2. We finally set up this year's Christmas tree today even though I refused to get a live tree but wanted to skip this year..well, it looks great as always after we decorated the tree. I should move on to be more positave and cheer up myself from this down mood. Let's face the long and cold winter days!!

  3. Thanks to my prof. Chun! I've got a perfect score on this project to creat A Teacher's Blog. Now the results are out so I'd like to open up to anybody to practice English at my cafe..^^


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